Lady loses right eye after her boyfriend of 3 years shot her

As she recounts her experience with her toxic boyfriend, a woman has taken to social media to warn others about the dangers of staying in toxic relationships.

On Instagram, a lovely young lady named as Jasmin described how her three-year-old lover routinely physically abused her, but she stayed because she was “stupid in love.”

He gets enraged if he doesn’t get his way, she claims, and recently shot her in the right eye.

She advised people in toxic relationships to leave, sharing a snapshot of her ‘damaged’ blood blocked eye. When a man lifts his hand on his woman once, she claims, he will do it again, injuring her significantly more.

Read her post below;

“May 20,2022 my life has changed forever… been going thru hell wit a boy I thought “loved me” for 3 years. So much toxic shit abusive if he didn’t get his way or whenever he got mad. I’m here to say let this be a lesson or help anybody from dealing wit a nigga once he puts his hands on once he’ll do again & will hurt you more & more. I got shot & lost my right eye all over me being dumb in love. But I pray I made it here & I THANK EVERYBODY WHO CHECKED ON ME IT MEANS A LOT

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