“I adore my spouse the same way I love all of his seven children” – 2 Annie Idibia, Baba’s wife

Annie Idibia, a Nollywood actress and 2Baba’s wife, has proclaimed her undying love for her husband and his seven children.

In a response to critics on social media, the mother of two stated that she loves her husband, 2Baba, the same way she loves all “their” seven children.

This follows accusations that she unfollowed 2Baba on Instagram during his reunion with his baby mama, Pero, and her children in the United States, according to viral rumors.

In response to the allegation, the actress maintained that she never unfollowed her spouse. According to her, the unfollowing was prompted by an Instagram issue, which sparked speculations of a schism between them.

Addressing those judges and those spreading rumors about her family, read what Annie wrote below;

“Stupid dumbass bloggers! Our kids na dem go take care of us when we are old and weak! Abeg make una no start to dey cause conflicts wey no dey between all my seven kids! Yes, seven of them, whether una like am or not! All seven kids. Just stop already with the lies n slandering!”

“The only language I understand is love. The same way I love my Inno is the same way I love all of our kids! You can’t love a man d way I love my husband and then hate his kids. He will die for them, so stop!”

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