In the midst of his reunion with Pero and her children in the United States, Annie Idibia unfollows her husband, 2Baba, on Instagram (Screenshot)

It appears that iconic singer 2Baba and his wife, Annie Idibia, are having a falling out.

Annie, 2Baba’s wife, unfollowed him on the famous photo-sharing platform Instagram and has since saturated her page with mysterious images, fueling speculation that the celebrity couple is feuding.

This comes after 2Baba reunited with his baby mama, Pero, and her children in the United States, where he just received a tattoo of all seven of his children’s names on his arm.

During his visit, 2Baba went to his daughter’s school game to cheer her up, and Pero thanked him on Instagram.

This appears to have irritated Annie Idibia. Annie’s Instagram profile revealed that she is no longer following her husband’s account. Take a look at the image below.

Meanwhile, she posted a message on Instagram this morning warning her fans and followers to be vigilant because some members of her family are close allies.

Some blood relations, she claims, can be discreetly hurling stones at you while claiming to have your best interests at heart.

View the screenshot below.

Read her post below;

“Family is who takes cares of you… It doesn’t matter if they are blood related or not! Know this and find peace!!! Family can low key be throwing stones at you and still pretend that they are protecting you. Don’t loose guard. Some families they will judge and condemn you”.

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