A Harvard graduate returns to Nigeria to honor his parents at their tiny bookstore.

After graduating from two Ivy League universities in the United States — Harvard and Wharton – a Nigerian guy took to LinkedIn to congratulate his parents.

Temitope Akande, the man, paid his parents a visit at their little bookshop in Lagos and presented them with matching Harvard sweatshirts.

His parents, he claims, used the revenues from the bookstore to support him while he was growing up, and he claims he couldn’t have gotten this far without their help, particularly his mother’s care.

On Sunday, May 29, he posted a photo of himself and his parents in front of the bookstore, writing,

“We don’t come from wealth or privilege, just a lowly young boy from Àgbàdo, but we made it anyway.

Couldn’t have done it without these 2 phenomenonal people, especially my mother! She’s my hero!

This bookstore behind us practically raised me.. It made sure we didn’t starve, and It was the place where I spent countless hours immersed in books, reading about worlds far far away, and expanding the limits of what I could aspire for myself. Today, I’m a graduate of Wharton and Harvard. I’m so grateful! ”

The young man’s post has gone viral on LinkedIn with over 100,000 likes.

See his post below,

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