Atiku Wins PDP Presidential Primaries, Vows To Fight Insecurity

Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in 2023, has promised to bring the country together if elected president.

Atiku also promised to take serious action against the country’s insecurity.

He said this after being proclaimed the victor of the PDP presidential primary contest in his acceptance speech.

Atiku chastised the APC for reversing the accomplishments made by the PDP while in power, promising to rectify the situation if re-elected.

He said, “I am going to deal decisively with our security challenges in this country. I also pledge to confront our economic challenges, which were caused by the APC government. The PDP made Nigeria one of the most prosperous, prosperous countries on the African continent.

“We implemented economic reforms that brought about jobs, and prosperity in this country. The APC came in and wiped out all those gains. That’s why I said today is a very, very historic day. Because it is going to give us an opportunity for us to revise all the misgovernance on the APC government.”

He, however, sought the cooperation of other aspirants in the election, adding that the main focus was to wrestle power from the ruling APC.

Atiku said, “Let me also use this opportunity to call on my fellow contestants. And to assure them that I’m ready to cooperate and work with them and give them a sense of belonging in this party and our next government.

“Therefore, my fellow compatriots, I want to appreciate your efforts in deepening our democratic processes in this party. It was a well, quality primary election. So, I commend you for that and I look forward to working with you very closely. So that together we can build this party to a level where we can take over the government.”

He also appealed to aggrieved party members to refrain from taking the party’s matters to court.

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