Student lands in trouble after single-handedly eating N12,200 worth of Suya without having money to pay

A Nigerian student approached a man who sells suya and placed a bet with him bragging that he can eat the entire sticks of smoked beef.

They agreed that if he is able to finish eating the suya, he would not pay a dime, but if he is not able to eat everything, then he would pay for the ones consumed.

Unfortunately for the young man, he ended up losing the bet because he could not complete the task. It reportedly happened at the University of Benin.

It was learnt that the student ate N12,200 worth of Suya out of N22,700 for the whole bunch and his body couldn’t take anymore.

The suya man threatened to take him home because he lost the bet and did not have any money to pay.

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  1. Na this kind people they bet say them fo rock 8 rounds nd nothing will happen to them

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