Lady swears on her mother’s life to show her man that what she has for him is genuine.

In a startling turn of events, a film made by a woman to explain to her allegedly former partner that what she had for him wasn’t phony has left netizens speechless.

The anonymous woman filmed herself swearing with sands in her hands, screaming out the name of the man she was attempting to persuade, and telling him that if her love for him is phony, the sand baring her witness, may her mother not live long.

She continues by saying she would have swore with her life… But it means nothing to her, therefore she’ll vow instead with her mother’s life.

See what she said below;

“Coco, see, if I faked anything for you, if I was fake, if my love was fake, may the sand bare me witness, let my mom never live long, I would have swear with my life but it means nothing but I will use my mom’s own, may she never live long”

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