Married Man Stabs His Mistress To Death In Kenya

In Kirinyaga, Kenya, a 46-year-old married man has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend.

Following a disagreement, the suspect, Simon Maina, allegedly went mad in Ngurubani town on Tuesday night, May 24 and repeatedly stabbed his lover, Jackline Irungu, murdering her on the spot.

The guy and woman arrived at their leased room on Tuesday evening, according to witnesses.

While inside, the two quarrelled for unclear reasons, resulting in a heated exchange of words. The guy then took out a knife and fatally assaulted a 30-year-old lady who worked as a trader in town.

The suspect shut the room from the outside after the horrible murder and called the area head on his cellphone to alert him that he had killed someone.

Shocked, The administrator raced to the location, where he discovered the suspect outside the hotel and called the cops.

Police arrived shortly after and apprehended the offender, who was taken to Wang’uru police station for questioning.

When the cops entered the room, they discovered the woman naked in bed, lying in a pool of blood, and took her body to the mortuary.

Mwea East Sub-county police commander Daniel Kitavi confirmed the occurrence and said it was being investigated as a murder.

He stated that investigations have begun to determine why the man killed his girlfriend in such a horrible manner.

“Before a capital charge is pressed against the defendant, we’d like to know why he committed such a heinous crime,” he said.

As the body of their daughter was being transported to the mortuary, relatives who arrived at the site shortly after the terrible attack broke down and sobbed.

Gudson Muchina, the Tebere ward MCA, has called on the authorities to investigate the event and bring the perpetrator to justice.

“Taking someone’s life is wrong, and authorities should make sure the perpetrator is thoroughly investigated and punished according to the law,” he said.

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