Man spends over £12,000 to become a dog

After spending £12,500 to become a dog, a guy has been dubbed “scary.”

With the help of bespoke costume designers, Toko, a Japanese man, transformed himself into a collie.

Man spends over ?12,000 to become a dog

He received his dog costume last month and has been sharing videos of himself performing tricks such as fetch and playing ping pong with his paw.

He posted a photo that showed him rolling over on command like a dog.

Man spends over ?12,000 to become a dog

In one of his first clips, he explains via a clipboard: “I became a rough collie because I wanted to be an animal. From now on I’m thinking of uploading videos at my own pace.

Man spends over ?12,000 to become a dog

According to Japanese media, Toko ordered the “quadsuit” for £12,500 (2 million Yen) from Zeppet which makes sculptures for movies, TV shows.

His photos have generated mixed reactions.

Man spends over ?12,000 to become a dog

While many hailed him for living out his dream as a dog, others called him creepy.

“What a weird way to spend money! looks so real, like a beautiful collie dog, very original! Greetings,” someone commented.

“This is so creepy,” another said.

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