‘This baby is yours!’ Johnny Depp fan kicked off court after holding up her child claiming he’s the father

In yet another weird twist, a lady testified in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard on Monday, May 23, alleging that her kid is Depp’s.

The unidentified woman’s outburst occurred during a break after Judge Penney Azcarate left the courtroom, according to the Daily Mail.

‘I adore you, Johnny! As she stood up with the infant, the woman cried, “Our souls are joined.”

Depp turned to her, grinned, and waved, as he has done many times during the trial’s bizarre moments, which will reach its seventh week on Tuesday.

As a police officer approached her, the woman brought up the infant and said Depp was the father.

The officer escorted the woman from the courtroom, clipping off her wristband that allowed her access to the trial. 

The outburst caused a bit of commotion in the courtroom that had to be calmed down.  

The woman later claimed that she was doing it as a joke, but was escorted out of the trial and not allowed to return

 Depp is suing Heard, claiming three counts of defamation and $50million in restitution.

Heard who was married to the actor from 2015 to 2017 – is counter-claiming for $100million.

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