Robbers Attack NPC Office In Lagos, Steal Birth Certificate, Staplers

Robbers stormed the National Population Commission (NPC) Badagry office, which is located at Town Hall near Topo Garage in Lagos State.

Mrs Funmilayo Bojrenu, a member of the commission’s staff, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Badagry that the commission’s essential records had been stolen.

Mrs Bojrenu described the incident, saying they left the office around 4:30 p.m. on Friday with all the doors locked and all the documents intact, only to return to find “our doors had been burgled.”

“They ransacked everywhere probably in search of money and when they didn’t find any money, they stole birth certificate booklets, calculator, perforator, staplers and office cabinet.

“They were able to gain access to the office because the doors do not have burglary proof at the entry and we have complained several times to the Badagry Local Government chairman, Mr Olusegun Onilude about this.

“Even, he has sent the council engineer to come to our office but after his visit, nothing has happened since,” she said.

Mrs Anthonia Kalu, the Deputy Director, NPC, Badagry office who was on official assignment in Oyo State, told NAN on the phone that it was the third time the office would be burgled in 2022.

According to the deputy director, they burgled it once in 2021.

“The Town Hall is no longer secure again since they pulled down the fence for the reconstruction of the road to Topo.

“The hall is now home for commercial motorcycle riders who are homeless.

“We are appealing to the chairman of the council to help us construct a burglary proof to prevent them from breaking into the office again,” she said.

The major role of the NPC is to give out birth and death certificates to Nigerians.

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