” Don’t Do It” -A Guy Warns Men After Spending 8 Years In Jail For The Murder Of His Girlfriend

As most people are aware, gender-based violence is a huge problem in the country and the world at large. Violence against women and children, in particular.

Some of the perpetrators do not even spend a night in jail.

With that being said, a guy recently caused a stir on social media after sharing his experience.

The guy mentioned that he spent eight years in jail for the murder of his girlfriend.

He warned men not to be abusive towards their partners. He also highlighted how he regrets abusing his late girlfriend.

There were mixed reactions to the comments.

Some mentioned that even if he feels bad, it won’t bring back his girlfriend. Others applaud him for sharing his story and accepting that he made a huge mistake. There’s a lot that people had to say.

See more reactions down below.

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