South African Man Set To Marry Triplets (Photos)

South Africans have had hilarious reactions to a man who has gone viral after announcing his grand plans to marry a set of triplets in a mass wedding.

The young man has been openly envied by many social media users who have asked him to share advice on how they too can score a relationship like his.

Many have also asked how he plans on financially securing his family which is undoubtedly growing to grow very big in no time.

Not everyone can handle everything three wives but this man can. The man who has done a number of interviews with local publications is set to marry a set of triplets in a mass wedding.

Speaking to Briefly News recently, Big Man Stevo from Kenya said that he was so happy to find his girlfriend triplets Cate, Eve, and Mary and plans to marry them in a public ceremony so that the world can witness their special wedding.

“I suggested a mass wedding to them and they agreed with it. I chose a mass wedding because I want the world to witness and tell the rest that it’s all possible,” he said.

See photos below

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