A man explains how his father intervened to save him on a date.

A young man described how his father intervened just in time to prevent him from making a negative first impression on a lady.

Nonye, a young man who only gave his first name, claimed he went on a date to a pub with a woman he had been eyeing. They talked for so long, he claims, that he forgot to order them something to eat.

Thankfully, his father, who was watching from afar, placed an order for the young guy and his date and had it delivered to their table by the waiter.

When the waiter came to their seat with two plates of pepper soup and drinks, he told her he hadn’t placed any orders, and the waiter pointed to his father, who had placed the order on their behalf.

Nonye claimed that when he returned home, his father and mother teased him for going on a date without buying her food. He further stated that his folks continue to tease him over the incident.

Read his full tale below,

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