Norway attack: At least 3 people injured after Syrian man stabbed his wife and another man

In a stabbing attack in southeastern Norway on Friday, May 20, at least three people were injured, one gravely.

The attack took place in Numedal, a valley north of Kongsberg where a guy killed five people with knives and a bow and arrow last October.

The Syrian man stabbed and injured his wife and another guy, according to police, who described the incident as a domestic argument with no threat to outsiders.

The attacker, the two victims, and one of the victims were all injured in the attack, which prompted a massive response from emergency services fearing a larger crisis, and one of the victims was in critical condition, according to police.

“The initial victim was a woman married to the attacker,” a police spokesperson told reporters. “There is no longer danger to other people.”

Officials initially said at least four people were injured in what had first appeared to be a random, ongoing attack.

“This is a family from Syria where the perpetrator is married to one of the victims,” police said in a separate statement.

The suspect was first apprehended by civilians witnessing the attack, including students from a nearby high school, officials said.

The attack took place in the rural, mountainous Nore and Uvdal municipality in Norway’s Numedal region.

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