“I Asked My Friend To Connect Me With a Job But She Instead Took Me To An Old Man Who Wanted A Wife” – Married Woman Reveals

A lady identified as Grace wanjiku has narrated how her friend disappointed her after she promised her to find a job for her. When she called to inform her that she had found a job for her, Grace went there happily but she took her to an old man who told her she wanted her to be his wife.

Grace was born and raised in Thika, after completing her primary education she didn’t further her education since her parents were not well off. She was employed as a house help. After working for a year she met a man who fell in love and decided to start a family together.

They were blessed with 3 kids but unfortunately, her marriage didn’t work out since her husband was a drunkard and couldn’t provide for her and the kids. Grace took her kids and rented a house in Thika, she used to wash clothes for the neighbors to be able to feed her kids.

One day she called her friend who was residing in Nakuru and told her to connect her with a job. After two weeks the friend called her back and told her she had secured a job for her. She told her to carry her kids because she would be provided with a house.

The following day she took her kids and traveled to Nakuru, her friend welcomed her in her house. They spent the night in her house, the following day Grace told her to take her to meet her employer to be.

She was told to carry her kids along, on arrival they met an old man sitting in his living room. Veronica introduced herself and asked him to show her the job she was supposed to be doing. she was surprised when the old man told her that she had told her friend to bring him a wife but not a worker.

Grace was dissapointed and left the house.

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