Lady reportedly gives her number to a wealthy guy while on a date with her boyfriend of two years

On Twitter, a person described how his friend’s girlfriend handed out her phone number to another man while they were on a date.

According to @Yemihazan, he was at a recreational location with his friend and girlfriend when a wealthy man entered and appeared to send signals to the lady.

She then excused herself from them and went outside to speak with the stated man, giving him her phone number.

He tweeted below;

“Back story to this… so I was chilling with my guy this night with his babe at this bar, this dude drove in, sat opposite us and was obviously staring at my guy babe, she took an excuse to make a Phone call not so far from where we were seated, this dude that was staring also stood up almost immediately, we didn’t suspect anything, felt no need to be vigilant.

Babe was taking long than usual, my guy decided to go check her, only to see her and this dude talking, at the point he got closer he noticed she was giving him her number, dude saw this and Hopped in his car and drove off immediately, babe was trying to give excuse of “he’s a new friend, it’s nothing serious” my guy wasn’t having it . He threatened breakup and she’s forming tears, I on the other hand advised him to chill, think about things and probably end it all.”

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