“How We Withdraw And Spend Dead People’s Money” – Bank manager Reveals Fraud in a Banking System

No one is praying to die unexpectedly but the obvious truth is that people die unexpectedly every day.

As you leave your house, it’s only God that knows whether you will make it home alive or not. We are not praying for the worst but we need to let at least one person in our family especially our wife or children know all the secrets of our bank accounts, ATM pins, and everything they need to know to withdraw money from our accounts in case something happens.

Read the confession and warnings of a bank manager. After reading this, share with your husband or wife, or children of the assets and money you have in bank accounts. Wives also inform their husbands.

Please read the warnings of a female bank manager…..

While talking with a female bank manager she made a scary revelation to me. She told me how Nigerian bank vaults are filled with monies of dead men who kept their bank accounts secret from their wives.

She explained it was against bank ethics or policies for an account officer to inform the relatives of a deceased customer of his account (without his permission). And since the man is dead without giving his permission the bank dubiously keeps silent on the money. She told me it is rampant among many businessmen, even the Christians. She revealed many instances of dead men whose families are still suffering even though they have millions stashed in their secret accounts.

She mentioned one that happened a few months back. The man died and the wife was crying all over the place, looking for money to bury him or even do his funeral. Whereas the man had nothing less than 60 million naira in his accounts. The banker said it got to a stage that she could no longer bear, her conscience was pummeling her.

She had to go against her bank rules, got in contact with the widow, and revealed to the woman how much her husband had in his accounts and how to claim them. She also told another story of one man who escaped death but his right hand was paralyzed.

He couldn’t sign his chequbook with his left hand and he was in a desperate situation that needed him to sign papers and cheques. That was how he learned his lesson the hard way. As soon as he got better, he immediately made his wife co-signatory to all his accounts and involved her in all his businesses. What if he had died? So, that was how his family would have suffered amid plenty.

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