Wife seeks advise from a friend after her husband tells her to wear lingerie and lie in bed before he arrives from work.

Following her husband’s ‘strange’ sexual request, a Nigerian woman called a friend for help, eliciting varied reactions on social media.

@honieolaa who took to Twitter to share the story on Tuesday, May 17, said her friend’s husband called her from work and told her to wear the new lingerie he gifted her and lay on the bed before he returns from work.

After the call, the said lady contacted her to seek her opinion on the whole arrangement, and she gave her two cent on the matter.

@honieolaa wrote,

“My friend called me asking for advice, she said her husband called from work and asked her to go shower then wear the new lingerie he got her then lay on bed that he wants to meet her on bed. She asked what I think of the whole thing and I said I would have preferred if he asked Her to bath and dress up then he picks her up for dinner. Anyways I said she should listen and do whatever her husband wants, open your shop for him whenever he wants to shop.

Her comment sparked outrage on social media, with users accusing her of having an opinion on how a husband and wife should enjoy their marriage.

Some blamed the wife for being immature and lacking in independence.

criticized the wife for being immature and not having a mind of her own.

Read the tweet below,

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