Rivers landlord allegedly hacks married woman with machete for refusing his advances

After reportedly hacking his tenant and her fiance, a landlord known only as Alabo is on the run.

On Sunday, May 15, the landlord of a residence at Ekwulobia Street Mile 3, Diobu in Port Harcourt City Local Council of Rivers State allegedly attacked a lady named Comfort and her boyfriend, Stanley Nwagadi, with a machete out of jealously.

The landlord is accused of making sexual approaches toward Comfort and humiliating her for feeding a “jobless” man in her house.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Comfort said a quarrel ensued on Sunday morning when she washed and spread her clothes on the line, and Alabo, who also resides in the compound removed her clothes and threw them on the ground.

She claimed that when she went to pick up the clothes, the landlord, in his ‘usual manner,’ started to verbally abuse her, saying, “instead of man to keep you at home, you are throwing yourself at a man.”

According to Comfort, her fiance heard the utterance of the landlord and there was an exchange of words between them.

The quarrel, she said, was quelled by co-tenants and she left the compound with her fiancée.

When they returned to the compound, they said they had no idea Alabo had sharpened a machete and was lying in wait for them.

Comfort said the moment she walked inside the compound with her fiance, the landlord rushed her with a machete and inflicted several machete cuts on her.

She added that Stanley, who ran to save her on hearing her screams, was also cut on his head and hand before the suspect ran away.

Her husband, Stanley Nwagadi, called for the arrest and prosecution of the landlord.

The Rivers State Police Command confirmed that the landlord is on the run but they assured that he will be arrested and made to face justice.

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