Atiku Chases Journalist From Plateau PDP Secretariat

When Atiku Abubakar visited the Plateau State Secretariat of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, on Monday to meet with the State leadership and delegates of the Party to discuss his 2023 Presidential ambition, he chased journalists out.

Despite the fact that other of his rivals have visited the state in recent weeks, Atiku is the first presidential candidate to ban journalists from the PDP hall.

The former Vice President arrived at the Plateau State PDP Secretariat at 2:19 p.m., but when he saw journalists from the print and television media waiting in the hall, he repeatedly told them to leave, stating, “I have nothing to do with journalists.” “I’ve come to see the delegates.”

The order prompted his aides and security details to go on a rampage, chasing out journalists, causing a stampede, and as a result, damaging gadgets including phones as well as a tripod and camera belonging to Channels TV.

The officials and delegates who could not help the fleeing journalists were disappointed at such behavior from the former Vice-President who had been in the State in 2019 and never displayed such anger at journalists who were there on official duty.

Plateau State has about 85 national delegates but with the public outburst, it is not yet known if they would want to support his aspiration.

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