“A female suspect conspired with others to assassinate an Abuja corps member in order to keep her separated from her lover.” – Police

Three suspects were exhibited at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command on Monday in connection with the death of a female corps member, Stephenie Terungwa, in Abuja.

Stephanie went missing after leaving home for her Community Development Service (CDS) in April, and her body was eventually discovered mangled and dead.

Jennifer Tsembe, 26, Monday Simon (a.k.a. Black), 36, and Solomon Abu, 35, all inhabitants of the FCT’s Oguta Lake Maitama neighborhood, willingly confessed to their roles in the murder.

CP Sunday Babaji, the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command, told reporters that the female suspect, Jennifer, colluded with the other two male suspects to murder the victim so that she could be with the victim’s lover, Edward Achadu.

Jennifer, Edward’s alleged’estranged lover,’ allegedly spilled caustic liquid on Stephanie in an attempt to separate her from Edward, according to the police.

According to the CP, the Maitama Division got information about the body of a middle-aged woman lying on the road on April 15.

According to Babaji, crime scene investigators (CSI) were swiftly rushed to the area after receiving the information, and the body was brought to the hospital, where a doctor on duty confirmed her death.

He claimed that the first attempt to profile the victim’s face was unsuccessful due to her deformed face, which he believed was caused by exposure to a corrosive substance.

Terungwa Stephenie, a 26-year-old Corp member who lived with Edward Achadu at City Homes estate Lokogoma, was discovered dead, according to the CP.

He claimed it was discovered on April 14 that she had left home with her one-year-old kid and never returned. After a call to one of the paternal relatives, the son was found a day later at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

The CP added that three individuals were arrested after discrete and laborious investigations by Tactical and Intelligence assets of the Command attached to the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID).

According to Babaji, the suspects plotted and murdered the deceased in order to remove her from Edward Achadu so that Jennifer Temba, Edward’s estranged lover, could have him all to herself.

According to him, the inquiry has been stepped up in order to uncover new information that could lead to the arrest of fugitive participants in the illegal conduct.

He stated that after the investigation was completed, the individuals would be charged in court.

The female suspect, on the other hand, informed reporters that the deceased merely came to her residence the day she was found dead to retrieve her phone and denied any involvement in the crime.

She claimed that the male suspects told her that they planned to kidnap the deceased and demand a ransom.

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