“How God used a bird to rouse me from my slumber” — Pastor Emmanuel Iren tells the story.

Emmanuel Iren, a Nigerian preacher, described how God sent a bird to wake him up when he was fast sleeping.

On Sunday morning, May 15, the pastor used the microblogging platform Twitter to convey his experience.

He claimed he was too weary to get up on Sunday morning to prepare for worship in his Lagos church because he had a full day in Ilorin on Saturday.

His wife reportedly roused him up, but he returned to bed owing to exhaustion. Interestingly, he began hearing soft bangs on his window while sleeping, and upon closer study, discovered that it was a bird.

In his words;

“After a busy schedule at Ilorin, I was too tired to pray and prepare for service. My wife woke me up 5am, I prayed for a bit and I slept off again.
Only to be woken up by gentle knocks on my window. I peep and see this. Lol

If it wasn’t recorded, you probably won’t believe”

Some internet users rejected his claims that it was a divine gesture, claiming that the bird was merely fighting with its reflection and not attempting to wake him awake.

In response, Pastor Iren wrote,

“Y’all saying the bird was fighting it’s reflection, I know lol. But
1. This happened the exact time I was meant to wake up.
2. Never witnessed this in that house before
3. My bed room has 5 windows but this happened exactly where I slept.”

See his tweets below;

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