Apart from being shocked by my daughter’s horrible murder, I myself moved her body from Sokoto to Niger State after paying N120, 000 – Deborah Samuel’s father says.

Mr. Garba Emmanuel, the father of Deborah Samuel, a Sokoto teenager who was slain by a mob over blasphemy claims, has stated that his family will not take the case to court because he believes God will be the best judge.

Mr. Emmanuel stated that picking up his daughter’s burned remains was the worst moment of his life, and that despite the fact that it is a heavy burden to carry, his family has accepted their fate completely.

The distraught father disclosed in an interview with Vanguard that he was forced to pay N120, 000 for the transfer of Deborah’s burnt remains to Niger state, where they were buried in their village over the weekend.

Talking in Hausa read what Mr. Garba said below;

“The family will not go to court over the matter. Go to court to challenge human being or Almighty God over the issue? This is completely ruled out. God does not sleep. He knows what to do at the appropriate time and as the creator of everybody, we leave the case for Him to judge. Certainly, it is a big cross to bear but what can we do than to carry the cross and accept our fate in all totality as it has come.

Beside receiving the shock over the gruesome death of my daughter, I had another bitter experience to go and personally transport her corpse from Sokoto to Niger State. It was the saddest moment of my life to go and pick the corpse of my daughter and brought her home in a chartered bus, for which I paid N120,000.

I pleaded at the hospital that since the corpse had been burnt, they should help me with the remains, so it doesn’t decompose completely for us to bury her.

I also pleaded with the DSS and they reasoned along with me and agreed to release her remains to me after signing some documents. Which moment can be as sad as this in one’s life? However, it is all over and it has become history.”

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