After receiving the leather boots she ordered online, the lady was displeased.

A Nigerian woman experienced her own version of the famed “what I ordered vs. what I got” situation, and she resorted to Twitter to vent her frustrations.

The woman, known on Twitter as @JenniferOkuro, had ordered a leather footwear from an internet retailer but was unhappy when it arrived.

She posted a photo of the boot she ordered from the vendor as well as a photo of the one she received.

View the pictures below,

Her tweet elicited conflicting views on Twitter, with some claiming that the boots are the same and that she looks different because her legs are small, while others claiming that it is different.

Below are some reactions.

@irunnia_ wrote,

“Just carry am go for slim fitting but I think slim fitting will ruin the shoe sha.

Next time ask your seller to send you a video of what you’re buying before you buy. That’s what I always do whenever I want to buy something”

@Faka_of_west wrote,

“This is not the vendors fault though as long as the boot is your size or did you send your leg’s measurement”

@emmabissong wrote,

“You people saying her leg is not thick.

Shouldn’t the stretchy band at least hold her thigh?

Abi you no see the picture when they post online?

Na that one con get big thigh?”

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