Following an argument about N100, a sound engineer was allegedly lynched and set on fire by commercial motorcycle riders.

A bunch of commercial motorcyclists allegedly set fire to a sound engineer named David Imoh and burned him to death in the Lekki district of Lagos state.

According to viral reports, David had a disagreement with one of the commercial motorcycle riders about a hundred naira balance. As a result, the deceased and the motorcyclist got into a brawl.

More commercial motorcycle riders became involved, apparently joining their colleague in beating David until he passed out.

When the event occurred in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, David, a sound engineer, was on his way home from a club.

David is seen lying on the floor with a tire burning on his torso in a video posted on Twitter. His assailants then add fuel to the fire, causing it to grow.

David and his companions were beaten up by unidentified individuals.

Frank (saxophonist) and Philip (keyboardist), two of David’s acquaintances, are claimed to be receiving treatment in a secret hospital.

Friends of the deceased have taken to Twitter to demand that justice be served.

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