Lady Stabbed Her Ex Boyfriend During Fight Over Her New Lover In Ondo

Seun Sola, a 39-year-old food vendor, was arrested in Ondo State for stabbing her ex-boyfriend in the stomach during a fight.

After she told him their relationship was over, the victim, named as Lomi Alara Akinbinu, allegedly jumped on the suspect and began hitting her.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, the two lovers’ relationship deteriorated after the single mother of twins began receiving attention from a new boyfriend.

According to a source in the region, the victim went to the suspect’s residence in Ondo West Local Government’s Iyalaje market area in the early hours of that day, met her twin children, gave them N500, and then left.

The victim returned to the residence in the evening to find Sola and her new partner, according to the source. She told him to leave since she wasn’t interested in him anymore.

Akinbinu was enraged by the event and wanted the N500 he had given the twins back, insisting that he would not leave without it.

Sola claimed she refunded the money, but the two old lovers got into a fight, and the man was stabbed in the stomach.

“My ex-boyfriend came to my house in the afternoon and gave my twins five hundred naira for feeding. In the evening, he came back to my house and said he would come and sleepover at my place in the night,” the suspect explained.

“But I told him that I am not interested in him anymore. Then he requested the money he gave my twins and I gave him the money immediately. Suddenly, he started beating me

“He beat me because when he came to my house, he met my present boyfriend with me. He was angry and started beating me. So, when I knew he had overpowered me, I used a knife to stab him in his stomach.”

The victim was rushed to the Trauma Centre for treatment while the suspect was arrested and charged to court.

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