“I’m so clean, I insert my hand in my VJ and put in my mouth” – Nkechi Blessing Sunday continues to react to her ex’s allegation that she is ‘dirty’

Blessing of Nkechi Sunday has refuted her ex-boyfriend Opeyemi David Falegan’s accusations that she is ‘dirty.’

When they were dating, Falegan said Nkechi wore only one pair of pants for three days and didn’t brush her teeth.

Nkechi has refuted this, claiming that she hasn’t worn pants since she was 18 years old.

She confirmed her refusal to wear pants in a recent interview with Freeze. She admitted that she occasionally wears a body suit instead of pants, although it is unusual.

She further denied that she is filthy, as claimed by ODF.

She claims to be so clean that she dips her finger in her private area before putting it in her mouth.

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