“I became a people-pleaser as a result of childhood trauma,” says actress Nancy Isime.

Nancy Isime, a well-known Nollywood actress and talk show host, has opened out about how her childhood trauma affected her as an adult.

In an interview with Lilian Afegbai, the screen diva revealed that the trauma she had as a youngster caused her to grow up to be a people-pleaser.

Nancy reflected on her youth and how she did not receive the attention she required. This, she claims, caused her to grow up seeking to please others.

Read she said below;

“I don’t force myself on anybody. I used to be a people pleaser but that came from childhood trauma. It came from childhood trauma where you’ll be looking for attention as a child and you didn’t get it.

When you get older, you start waning people to like you. So even if it’s breaking you, even if you know that this person doesn’t like you and has said shit about you, you think maybe they can change their minds”.

The Blood Sisters star added that self-love helped her stop being a people-pleaser as she overcome it.

“But learning to love myself and being intuitive helped me to heal from being a people pleaser”. She added.

Nancy Isime made a surprising disclosure about her childhood not long ago.

Nancy confessed in a recent interview with BBC pidgin that she lost her mother when she was five years old, and that growing up was traumatic for her.

Nancy went on to say that she had suffered from depression as a child and had even tried suicide.

Some individuals, she claims, have time to live their lives, but her situation was different since she needed to mature, and losing her mother at a young age exposed her to a lot of things.

While the Edo state was born on air personality, Speaking about her professional history, she claimed that she began working at the age of seventeen as an usher and then moved on to modeling and acting in order to save enough money to escape Nigeria.

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