Don Jazzy’s ex-wife Michelle Jackson reveals why they divorced

Michelle Jackson, Don Jazzy’s ex-wife, has disclosed the reason behind their divorce.

Michelle, a singer and composer, said that she married Don Jazzy barely one week after turning 22.

She claimed they met in the club while Don Jazzy’s band was passing out flyers. She saw the leaflet and thought Don Jazzy was great, so she asked a buddy who knows Don Jazzy for his phone and punched in her number.

She later contacted Don Jazzy and invited him to her house. That was the beginning of their romance, which eventually led to marriage.

Speaking on Naija FM, she said: “Don Jazzy is music, and I said to him many times, he’s not just got a talent, he’s got a special gift. And he just needed to go and be himself and go and do his music.

“Music kind of got in the way of the relationship. We were very young as well. If I was in the same situation now, it might be very different.”

She added: “We were both pursuing our music careers at the same time and he got discovered by JJC Skillz so his talent took him out of the home a lot more and at this point I’d put my music on the backburner to balance some home life.

“He was very into the music and it kind of got in the way.”

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