Nigerian lady narrates how receptionist questioned her when she visited her father in a hotel

A Nigerian lady identified as Valerie Obi has taken to social media to recount what ensued when she visited her father at a hotel.

She said that she paid him a visit him at a hotel he lodged in Lagos but it raised suspicion as the receptionist who didn’t realise they were related started asking questions in a discreet way.

According to Valerie, the receptionist asked in a low tone who she wanted to see. When the young lady realised what was being implied by the hotel staff, she shouted that she is there to see her father.

In her words; ”I went to visit my dad in his hotel room in Lagos, the receptionist was to trying to be coded come dey whisper “sorry ma, what’s the name of the person you’re going to see?”

The way I shouted “it’s my father I’m going to see ooooo! My name is obi, our name is Obi” Abeg o”

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Some other ladies who could relate to her story shared similar experiences.

@kvchrisofficia saidl; I remember going out with my great grand dad to get some melons at the nearby store, the sales girl who knew me was like oh chris you’re here with your big brother today. I had to tell her no, that’s my great grand dad..

@Ese_TG commented; Lol. Went to a shop with my grand dad once (he looks young for his age) I just had to keep sprinkling grandpa in every sentence

@De__Royale wrote; When I went to a reception with my dad , even worry the same material. People started saying good evening ma after greeting my dad. I just started shouting daddy in almost every sentence I said.

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