AY, a comedian, explains why he doesn’t get along with Basketmouth, a colleague.

Ayo Makun, also known as AY, a popular Nigerian comedian, has revealed why he and his colleague Basketmouth are no longer speaking.

In answer to an inquisitive follower who noticed that he doesn’t get along with Basketmouth, the comedian and actor revealed this.

“Do you have any issues with Basketmouth?” the follower asked in the remark section of a picture he shared on his official Instagram page on Wednesday, May 11 2022.

The 50-year-old responded by saying he stopped talking to Basketmouth for his mental health’s sake because the latter believes he is superior than everyone else.

Basketmouth, according to AY, has an overwhelming superiority complex and, despite being 43 years old, does not act like an adult.

Read what he wrote below;

“I don’t have issues with him. But people have unnecessary issues with you are the price you sometimes pay for being progressive. He has been battling with his uncontrollable SUPERIORITY COMPLEX for the longest. So avoiding his incessant childishness only became necessary for my sanity.”

Another devotee asked him to explain if they aren’t on speaking terms, and the comedian implied that Basketmouth was the one who stopped talking to him initially.

follower asked him to clarify if they are not indeed on talking terms and the comedian hinted that Basketmouth stopped talking to him first.

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