As they move into a new residence, the lady thanks her lover for improving her life within six months of meeting him.

A lovely lady has resorted to social media to thank her lover, who she claims has altered her life in just six months since meeting him.

Rosie, as she is known on Twitter, said she met and started dating her sweetheart in November 2021, and that he has radically changed her life since then.

The ecstatic woman expressed her love for her husband while also mentioning that they had recently moved into a new apartment together.

She used the microblogging platform to share a photo of the two of them holding the keys to their new home, captioning it,

”We met in November now we got our crib in May.. I love my boyfriend so much he literally changed my life around for the better  Cheers to starting our life together.”

In response to Rosie’s tweet, another woman offered an interesting story about how she and her boyfriend started living together the day they met and have now been together for three years.

Read her post below;

“You stronger than me and mines !! We moved in together the day we met  August makes 3 years. I don’t recommend this to anyone, it jus so happened to work out for us. Right person, right time.”

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