White Man Shoots Black Woman After Mistaking Her For Hippopotamus In South Africa

After firing at a couple and hurting one of them, a guy appeared in court, stating that he thought he was “shooting at a hippo.”

Attempted murder charges have been filed against Paul Hendrik van Zyl, a white South African farmer from the northern Limpopo province.

Ramokone Linah and her partner were fishing in a river near van Zyl’s farm in Lephalale town when they were ambushed.

According to a police complaint, Ms Linah, 38, received gunshot wounds to her arm, while her partner “managed to conceal” before contacting police and medical personnel.

When police arrived, van Zyl stated the couple were “hippos and monkeys.”

“The arrested suspect alleged that he was shooting at the animals ” police spokesperson, Mamphaswa Seabi, said in a statement.

During van Zyl’s arrest, police seized two rifles, one revolver, one pistol, and two airguns.

Ms Linah was a part of a group of local men and women at the river near Mamojela Park when the incident occurred, according to a local media report.

Following his court appearance, van Zyl was freed on 1,,000 rand (about £51) bail and the case was adjourned until May 18 to allow further investigation to take place

Even today, almost 30 years after the end of Apartheid, deep racial divisions persist in South Africa. A group of supporters from the anti racist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) staged a protest outside the court about van Zyl been freed on bail.

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