A police officer fled after allegedly impregnating a suspect in custody

A police officer of Chifunabuli is on the run after he allegedly impregnated a Grade Seven pupil who at the time was in police custody for an offense.

The officer-in-charge, Alex Phiri, who was there at the time, said he was aware of the incident but could not give reasons why the officer was eventually transferred from Chifunabuli to Chembe.

According to the girl’s mother, the girl allegedly stole something and was taken to the police by their neighbor.

The girl’s father, Joseph Kachenjela, said constable Peter Chileshe impregnated his daughter, who was 17 years old at the time and was in Grade Seven.

He said after he learnt that his daughter was pregnant, he asked her who was responsible and she informed him that it was Peter Chileshe.

“My daughter, who was at the time staying with her mother’s sister, committed an offence and she was taken to the police, where her aunt failed to meet the police bond requirement and she was detained.
According to her, this is where Mr Chileshe took advantage of her and impregnated her.

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