Woman Chopped Off Girl’s Hand Over Missing N50 (Photo)

Ajenifuja Kudirat, a retired customs officer, is accused of chopping off the finger of a 10-year-old girl, Hawau Ibrahim, for allegedly stealing N50.

Ajenifuja had sent Ibrahim on an errand and instructed the young girl to grab the money from the top of the refrigerator, according to an eyewitness. The victim is said to have taken N200 from the N250 on the scene. The remaining N50, however, disappeared.

Ibrahim was accused of theft by the retired cop, which the little girl disputed. She then brought her to her room and hacked off her middle finger with a machete to prevent her from stealing.

According to Ebenezer Omejalile, co-founder of the Advocate for Children and Vulnerable People’s Network, the lost money was eventually discovered (ACVPN).

According to him, the victim’s mother is demanding justice for her daughter because Ajenifuja boasted that she would not be prosecuted for the crime.

“The perpetrator is Ajenifuja Kudirat, a former customs officer who lives in Oko Afo along the Lagos-Badagry Road,” he said. This incident happened four days ago, according to the required reporter.

“We have reliable information that Ajenifuja Kudirat instructed the victim to remove N200 naira from the N250 kept on top of the refrigerator in order to obtain a specific medicine for her.”

“According to reports, the victim is one of two children that live with the culprit. When the victim returned from where Kudirat had sent her, she inquired for the N50 that had gone missing, and the victim told her she had not taken it.

“Ajenifuja Kudirat immediately hauled the 10-year-old girl into her room, pulled out a machete, and cut off one of her fingers.”

“The victim’s mother is wailing for justice because the missing N50 was discovered, but the criminal, Ajenifuja Kudirat, continued to gloat to the victim’s mother that no police would be able to apprehend her.” Hawau Ibrahim is the victim, and she is ten years old.”

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