Native doctor dies in Ilorin while waiting for human parts to be delivered

A tribal doctor is said to have died while waiting for the head and wrists of a female human to be delivered for ceremony.

This was discovered when two suspects, Wasiu Omonose (35) and Akanbi Ibrahim (32) were apprehended with the body parts on a motorcycle on Oke Oyi-Jebba road last week by the police.

The operatives probing the case discovered that the local doctor had died after visiting his apartment in Ilorin, according to a police source.

He said; 

“The herbalist was dead by the time operatives got to his house with the suspects for further investigation.

“During investigation, one of the suspects earlier told the officers that by the time he went to pick up the head and the hands, he called the herbalist but the phone was picked by one of his family members who broke the news of his death.

“It was while they were going in a tricycle which operator was unaware of the contents their bag that they were caught.”

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