“This girl is ev!l” — Responses to Nengi cropping Dorathy and Vee out of a picture as she proudly displays her favored mates.

Nengi, a reality TV personality, has edited Dorathy and Vee from a photo in which she is showing off her favorite friends.

Nengi was seen with Vee, Dorathy, Laycon, and Neo in the original photo.

Vee and Dorathy, on the other hand, were no longer visible once she edited it out. Her actions sparked outrage on the internet.

While some people defended her, fans of Vee and Dorathy chastised him for eliminating their favorite characters.

See responses below;

kinkyvee: ‘I’m sorry I just can’t fault Nengi. She’s so beautiful and not even bout surgery. She’s been so fine right from her days at UNIPORT.. sorry guys lol

realfirstlady: What’s the big deal here ? Why can’t y’all learn to mind your business is it your friendship will their business feed you 🤦🏻‍♀️

wendypeterschere: She crop, Una Dey cry…Me nah emoji I Dey use, if you cry finish, you clean yourself up, Una just like Wahala abeg*

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