Maria Chike commemorates her 30th birthday in style, despite outrage for lying about her age.

Maria Chike, a popular reality celebrity, is celebrating her 30th birthday in style by releasing lovely birthday photoshoots.

This comes only days after the ex-BBNaija star announced her 30th birthday, for which she was chastised for lying about her age.

Maria Chike’s age was challenged by other social media users who claimed to have attended the same secondary school as her.

Taking to the picture-sharing platform to commemorate her birthday unbothered, the reality star wrote;

“Road to 30…
Enjoyment is one major goal for my 30s.

Maria Chike celebrates 30th birthday in style amidst backlash of falsifying age

I want to enjoy life everyday as it comes because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.

I want all the good things of life to come to me in my 30s.”

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