Serial Rapist Arrested for forcing at least 6 women into oral s3x at knifepoint

According to UK police, a serial rapist who cornered at least six women walking home alone in north London and forced them to have oral sex with him is suspected of targeting additional victims.

Francis Mukendi, 27, was dubbed the “doorstep rapist” because he preyed on women who were preoccupied while putting their keys out on their doorsteps.

Prosecutors claimed he would then approach them from behind with a knife or hammer, forcing them to perform oral sex on him, and then flee.

Prosecutors claim he videotaped his assaults and saved the footage and photos on his Macbook computer.

Following a six-week trial, Mukendi was found guilty at Wood Green Crown Court of four counts of rape, three counts of attempted rape, two counts of sexual assault and four counts of possession of a bladed article.

He was given a life sentence on March 27 with a minimum of 15 years behind bars relating to six rapes, which all took place in the Camden area between September 2017 and December 2019.

And Police now believe he could have had more victims and are appealing for them to come forward with their stories.

Police say he was ‘exceptionally forensically and digitally aware’ and managed to avoid capture for years by knowing where CCTV cameras were and wearing gloves to stop his fingerprints from being traced during his attacks.

The rapes went unsolved for several and even in one animated video posted on YouTube in 2020, Mukendi even rapped ‘I’m fed up. I ain’t had no sex so I’m stressed out.’

He assaulted his first victim in September 2017 by waiting for her by a doorway, telling her to get down on her knees and putting a knife on her neck.

Detective Sergeant Sam Wood said: ‘I came across the CCTV image that ended up being circulated in the press.

‘I felt that image, as grainy as it’s been described, was clear enough for who knew the person or who was the person to know who it was.’

Detective Inspector Ross Murrell said: ‘Investigation of one allegation of this nature is significant and at a large scale. The reopening of five old ones is a massive investigation for us.

‘Because of the nature of the evidence found on his phone and laptop we strongly believe there are other victims who haven’t come forward.

‘To anyone who believes they are a victim we ask them to come and speak to us or to third parties like Haven or Rape Crisis.’

Paying tribute to the women who came forward, DS Wood added: ‘I cannot thank them enough for doing that. As a collective hopefully that bravery publicised will help other victims to come forward.

‘Even though there was a detailed investigation, without them coming to the court, he may not have been convicted.

‘Forcing the victims to reopen past trauma shows a propensity to be quite arrogant and have no forethought for any trauma he is going to commit

‘These women should be free to walk home at night and he has completely torn that from these women completely.

‘He has done this on their doorsteps. There are many layers of trauma that will have repercussions throughout their life.’

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