Train Attack: Kidnapped Pregnant Woman Gives Birth In Captivity

On March 28, 2022, one of the pregnant ladies kidnapped off a train in Kaduna gave birth.

In an interview with ARISE TV, a victim’s family member revealed this.

A doctor was allegedly sneaked into the camp to attend to the woman, according to the news station.

According to sources, the terrorists are well-organized and coordinated as a result of how they were able to bring medical supplies into the forest, a development that has astounded both government and security officials.

“The woman who was reportedly eight months pregnant at the time of the attack, gave birth safely after the terrorists were said to have invited the medical personnel to attend to her. The state of health of the baby is however unknown.”

“According to reports by family sources, she gave birth with the aid of doctors brought in by the terrorists. We can also report that the terrorists are demanding the release of their top commanders in exchange for the abducted train passengers,” ARISE said in its report.

The families of the kidnapped have appealed to the government to secure their release, but the terrorists have demanded to swap them with their commanders who are currently in detention.

Earlier in the week, the terrorists released pictures of the victims in captivity.

Among those seen were a couple with their four kids, two elderly women and 17 men.

At least nine persons were killed after the terrorists bombed the rail track and opened fire on the passengers.

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