Notorious Kogi Kidnap Kingpin Arrested While Try To Flee

A suspected leader of the kidnappers in Ofu Local Government was apprehended during a raid along Adumu, Ochadamu, and Ogbakpedo areas of the Local Government on Thursday evening, April 21, 2022, in furtherance of the Men of Nigeria Hunters Council Ofu chapter’s commitment to keep the Local Government safe from all forms of criminality.

The criminal group’s commander was apprehended by the hunters while fleeing from his hideout to catch a cab from Ochadamu Junction.

During questioning, the suspected commander admitted to leading numerous successful operations along the Itobe/Ogbakpedo route, kidnapping and collecting large ransoms from unsuspecting motorists and commuters.

The Special Adviser to Ofu Local Government on Security Matters, Hon. Mohammed Lawal Musa, stated at the scene of the incident that the group’s leader and two other members escaped during the previous operation that claimed the deaths of their two members.

He claimed that the kingpin was apprehended by hunters after a thorough manhunt, investigation, and search in all of the targeted sites’ forests.

He praised the hunters’ bravery and chivalry for their recent achievements, but warned them not to rest on their laurels.

Hon. Lawal underlined his zero tolerance for crime, advising all would-be criminals to stop, and revealing that the Local Government has launched a War on Kidnapping and other social vices.

The group’s leader was turned over to Nigerian Navy officers for further investigation and trial.

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