Cute Geminme denies reports that she is back with Lil Frosh, saying, “I regret speaking up about my domestic abuse experience.”

Cute Geminme, a Nigerian video diva and content producer, has denied claims that she is back together with her ex-boyfriend and accused abuser, Lil Frosh.

Lil Frosh, an up-and-coming artist, was arrested in 2020 for reportedly beating his girlfriend at the time, Cute Geminme, and was later charged with assault in court.

In 2022, Geminme, on the other hand, withdrew the case from court and chose to resolve the problem amicably.

Despite the domestic violence scandal, an online post last week claimed that the couple was back together.

In a video posted to her social media profile, the brand influencer has now debunked the report, claiming that they never reconciled after the event.

She went on to say that she regrets speaking out about the singer’s abuse because she has received a lot of backlash as a result.

Despite the fact that she understands domestic violence is a problem, she claims she would not advise any victim to speak up due of the stigma and insults.

Read her post below;

“I and Lhil Frosh never Got Back together, I Regret ever speaking up and telling the world that Lhil Frosh was b**ting me.

“Till today everyone is using it against me to mock and laugh at me, I will never advise any woman facing Domestic Violence to come out and speak up, because in this society nobody cares.”

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