“This is why I adore women with large stomachs and aspire to have one myself.” Temmie Ovwasa.

While the majority of women desire a flat stomach, Temmie Ovwasa, a prominent Nigerian musician, has stated that she admires ladies with large tummies.

The controversial singer aired her ideas and stated why she wants her tummy to be bigger than it is now in a recent Twitter post.

I looovvvvvvveeee seeing women with big bellies in crop tops, ugh the jiggle! Every fucking about it is sexy! Damn! Let it hang out Pleaseeeee, let it hang out!” She tweeted.

After that, a Twitter user retweeted the tweet, pointing out that the singer had a large stomach. The tweep wrote, “E be like, ur own take style, too.”

“Not style, its big and I want it to get bigger”, Temmie Ovwasa replied.

See their conversation below,

This comes after a Nigerian plus-sized woman decided to inspire others of her caliber by taking to social media to tell individuals like her not to be mistreated because of their appearance.

This lady, who is flaunting her figure in lingeries, doesn’t give a damn what other people think about her body and will continue to be happy of herself.

In a post made on her page, she wrote,

“My opinion??? Never ever be bullied to accept ur body is ugly or not perfect!!! U are you!! Learn to embrace ur curves, folds, big tummy those things make u stand out… I’m talking to u big orb girls like me.. Ewobiolaoluwaseto yetunde ebidapo Bridget …. God got u”.

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