A Nigerian mum of 8 who was declared missing in 2002 has finally been found again after 20 years

A family was thrown into a state of rejoicing after their mum identified as Florence Ikhine who went missing in the year 2002 in Benin, Edo state 20 years ago recently appeared.

Princess Ehima Elema who had in 2019 publicized that Florence was missing announced on Facebook that the mum of 8 has returned.

Florence Ikhine, 68 years old, Mum of 8, Edo state, went missing in 2002, returns after 20 years
She returned home after 20 years. Photo Credit: Princess Ehima Elema

Princess reported that the 68-year-old woman surfaced on Wednesday, 20th of April, 2022 along Ehaekpen Street, Benin City, Edo where one of her kids resides.

Furthermore, it was gathered that her kids who were all boys and girls when she went missing are now married men and women.

Princess attached a video showing the teary and shocked state of Florence’s family following her sudden return.

Princess while attaching the ‘missing person’ post she made in 2019 wrote:

“What God can not do does not exist.

“My friend’s mom returned home after 20 years of being declared missing…

“In 2019 I made a post to help find her at a time the children especially my friend was intensely looking for her… and it took another 3 years after that intense search for her to be found.

“You can’t imagine the Joy and the void filled…”

Nigerians react

Eddie Peters said:

“She wasn’t missing, she left home and abandoned her kids. She wasn’t in prison after all,so what kept her for 20 good years?”

Ju Dith said:

“Congratulations! Please what’s the update on this case? What happened to her?”

Chika Omuzaga said:

“God has done marvelous thing,he has done Glorious things , mighty God.

“Thank you Jesus.”

Osarode Iduoriyekemwen said:

“How did She locate her children? Whi helped her to locate them? What about getting the Police involved in the follow up of her “sudden n mysterious reappearance” ? Quite a mystery though. Will be keen to see ur this unfolds though.”

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