Man Falsely Accused of Rape Shares Chat Where Lady Confessed He Was Innocent

A man took to Twitter to give the origin of why he doesn’t trust women and his reason has something to do with a false rape accusation.

The said man in a tweet shared his conversation with a young woman he said he truly loved but years ago, accused him of rape, and made people hate him, only for her to come back years later to apologize privately to him, while he continued to live with the stigma.

In the screenshot of their conversation, the man confronted the lady, reminding her of the short vacation they took years ago and how she told everyone he raped her.

The woman then admitted that she knew what she did was wrong. She then blames her action on “being young and feeling like an outsider, so she was ashamed that she was already sleeping with a guy she’d just met.” She then chose to lie that the man raped her.

The man told her that even though she has moved on, got married, and has a child, he has been damaged by her actions and had not been able to have a relationship with women because he doesn’t trust them.

“I don’t trust women and I also don’t like to take gifts or accept anything nice from them. This is where it began but I realize that I need to let that shit go so I wrote to her. I usually wouldn’t share but this woman could have ruined my life. This did nothing for me though.”

See screenshots below

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