Ovaioza had purchased many homes in the United States and was on her way to relocate when she was detained — Man revealed

The popular influencer, Ovaioza, was seized by the authorities for the scam, according to a Twitter user with the handle @drpenking.

Ovaioza was on her way to relocate to the United States of America, where she had acquired many houses, according to the doctor who labeled her as a verified Yahoo girl.

The lady, who has a large Facebook following, is being investigated for the N3BN scam.

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Ovaioza is a verified Facebook influencer with over 140 000 followers and has scammed her followers to the tune of 3 billion Naira. She bought multiple houses including one in USA. She was on her way to relocate when she was arrested.

Ovaioza runs a storage business as a front. People were asked to invest to get returns. She would send you documents to sign with a strict warning that you should only send money after signing the documents all to sound legit. After investing, you’d be called her “partner”…”

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