Angry Man Smashes Wife To Death With A Pestle In Rivers

On Tuesday night, another beast in the form of a man allegedly murdered his wife with a pestle in Rumuaholu, Port Harcourt.

The woman is a petty trader, according to their neighbors, and the man told her she couldn’t remain more than a certain amount of time before returning home.

According to sources, Fortunately, or unfortunately for her, she had a lot of customers to attend to on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, and had to wait a few minutes after the time the man provided her to come home. He was already waiting for her outside when she arrived home.

He allegedly questioned her why she didn’t arrive home at the exact moment he instructed her to arrive home, and when she tried to explain why she had to wait a bit longer, he simply picked up the pestle he had already stored for his goat and smashed her head with it. She collapsed and died on the spot.

When their neighbor noticed the wife was dead, he had to phone the cops, who arrived and arrested him. He’s currently under their possession.

Despite the fact that River State Police Public Relations Officer Grace Iringe-Koko has yet to speak or issue a statement on the incidences, neighbors claim the case is currently before Rumuokoro Special Area.

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