My wife started cheating when she got a job – sh0cked husband reveals in a front page expose

Once his wife allegedly began cheating on him after she acquired a job, a Botswana man’s marriage has crumbled beyond repair.

Shumba Ratshega’s difficult marriage, according to reports, is crumbling. Ratshega, born Moses Malapela, could not disguise the severity of the sad feelings he felt when his wife’s infidelity was finally disclosed last weekend, despite responding to the nasty and hurtful confirmation of the affair with faith and hope in God.

“I have never cried like that before. Imagine being accused of such crime as a pastor. Besides, I am not a violent person. Maybe it is because I do not have money like I used to when I was an artist but I do not deserve this. I love my wife and I hope we fix our marriage. This shall pass, I will pray about it. Maybe God is testing my faith,” said Malapela, who is now a pastor of the Umbrella of God’s Grace Church (UGG).

The 41-year-old Makhirikhiri hitmaker was referring to an incident in which he was detained at Mogoditshane Police Station last Friday after his wife, Ditebogo Malapela, had falsely accused him of threat to kill when he caught her cheating.

“She had put me in detention with false accusations. I was, however, rescued by one of the senior police officers who asked investigating officers to search for the said knife in the car and they did and found no weapon at all,” Malapela revealed.

Ditebogo, 33, was exposed last Thursday, according to a close cousin, after she left her three children alone at night while her husband was gone in Bobonong and robbers broke in.

When she couldn’t reach her mother on the phone, the oldest daughter decided to call her father instead.

Malapela then attempted to contact Ditebogo but was unable to do so since she had blocked his calls. He ended up calling her workplace because the kids had informed him that she worked the night shift.

He was surprised to learn that she worked the day shift and had left at 7 p.m. He drove from Bobonong to Mogoditshane all night and discovered the kids alone but secure in their bedroom. Ditebogo returned the next morning, pretending to be at work, but once Ratshega confronted her with the reality, she admitted to having spent a night of passion at a boyfriend’s place.

After landing a job as a SHE Officer in a private hospital in 2020, Ditebogo, who had been a modest housewife for the previous 11 years, began cheating and dressing flamboyantly.

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