Kindhearted lady gives money to a tired woman sleeping in the market, tells her to go home and rest

A young Nigerian woman known on Instagram as jojooflele shown compassion for an elderly market woman’s well-being and gave her a reason to rejoice.

She observed the woman sleeping in the market and approached her to ask how much her full gear cost in a photo posted on Instagram.

Jojo then demanded everything from the woman, who began calculating the sum only to be told not to worry by the lady. The lady then paid the seller N10,000 before advising her to return home and sleep.

The market woman could barely contain her joy as she expressed appreciation to her helper. Other sellers joined her in rejoicing.

Sharing the post, jojooflele wrote; ”Where I sat down waiting, Naso I see mama just Dey sleep ooh she will wake up and shout N100 naira. then I decided to buy all her goods so that she go fit go house to sleep bless you mama ❤️❤️”

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